It is through the body that we realize we are a spark of divinity
                           -BKS Iyengar
Welcome and thank you for visiting!
It is my pleasure to share some insights along my journey as a student of Yoga.
I’ve been a yoga and meditation practitioner since 2000.
As I delved deeper into the practice of Yoga, I realized its vastness and beauty, and I decided to go deeper into it, finding myself transformed in the process.
I’ve had the privilege of learning under the guidance of amazing teachers throughout my life.  My studies include a 500 hr Iyengar teacher training, a 200 Hr Yoga Alliance Certification, and a Prenatal Yoga Certification.  My personal practice and integration of my studies is what I long to translate into everyday life.
This blog is a way to share bits and pieces of how yoga extends from the yoga mat, and beyond,  into the everyday life.
May this space help uplift the world in some cool and unpredictable way.

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