Be still.
In serene awe… listen
The answer is in th
e light,

in the bird songs.

…The song is within


photo credits:
Bird: The Schubot Center TX
Tree with light: Myself on a morning Nature walk

When the mind gets dark, when the world leads you astray, and when the doubts creep up:

“Have I made any progress? Have I forgotten something? Am I lost? What am I doing?

Will it be ok? Am I enough? Do I have what it takes?”

Remember two words:


The Om is in the pause.

 The compass is in the silence.

The answers are in the birdsongs, the tall swaying grass, the gust of wind, the simple blue sky.

Look at the oak, let it remind you of your deep strength.

Visualize the land, your Earth, with your eyes closed for a while.

In this precious stillness you will suddenly smile.

Your smile will be your



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