I’m too tired, I’m not flexible enough, I have a really important phone call to make before, I was up too late so I need to sleep longer, I am not “yogi enough” (or good enough, or balanced enough, or committed enough, or patient enough etc), I’m not quite sure what my beliefs are, I have such a short time to do this so I will just do it when I have more time, my body aches all over so not today, I’ll think about it tomorrow, maybe later... (I heard you say)

And yet you’re here.  You opened up your meditation/yoga mat, or journal, running shoes or (fill in the blank).   You came!

So here’s what I have to say: I’m RELIEVED!

Because I had way too many gifts for you.  I couldn’t possibly hold them all to myself.

Quite simply, no matter what, again and again and again:

Thank you for showing up!


Your Practice

“Everything in life comes to those who show up.”

-Dr. Michael Hogan



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