Travel Light

Once upon a time there was a traveller named Rockefeller. He had an adventurous mind and he loved imagining where he would go next. He was optimistic and he LOVED to visit new places and discover great sights and natural beauties. He planned out his trips with great detail and focus. Everything was great except…. his backpack.

His bag was SOO heavy. He took a few steps and was immediately exhausted. He tried to hike up hills, but the weight of his bag was such that he would end up rolling down the hill, panting for breath.

Still he kept his focus on the extraordinary mountain peaks, on the beautiful landmarks, and made notes on his little travel journal about what else he wanted to do on his next trip.

One day he woke up really excited for his next adventure. He got out of bed bursting with joy, did 10 minutes of yoga, got dressed, brushed his teeth, had a breakfast of champions, and…put his backpack on…

He went out ready to embark on his wonderful journey. Within a few minutes, he was out of breath. His shoulders were so tired, his back hurt, his knees were crying for help. His backpack was heavier than ever! Rockefeller was heartbroken and fatigued.

A wise farmer named Aristotle walked by and saw the traveller.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.
“My backpack is so heavy…” said Rockefeller, panting.
“Well, just take it off!” said Aristotle.
“No! How could I do that? It has all my things, my memories, my thoughts, it’s who I am! I can’t leave it”.

“Hmmm”, the wise farmer said, “let’s see what’s in it.”  And he helped the traveller take the huge backpack off. The traveller was amazed. He hadn’t looked into the backpack for years!

As soon as they unzipped the backpack, a big wind came along, and blew out all the things in the bag, and in a few minutes, everything was dissolved in the wind. “Wooow!!” said Rockefeller and Aristotle, both smiling.

The traveller stood up and couldn’t believe how light he felt! He couldn’t help but do even more yoga out of joy!
Feeling refreshed, he thanked Aristotle, looked ahead, and happily walked toward the beautiful mountain, free of unnecessary baggage.


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