Yoga and the Art of Holiday Shopping

I went to buy some yarn today (just recently discovered a passion for knitting ). I had a very clear focus: one ball of chunky red yarn, that’s all.

I get to the store, and the holiday cheer is on. Full aisles of every single Christmas item. I keep walking. Candles (hmm, yep, I need two of those), candy (just a few, and sugar free for some little gifts), journals (ok, I’ll take one for when mine fills up), stationary… keep walking…the yarn aisle.
There they are: ALL kinds of colors, every single texture: “Soothing skyblue”, “Meadow grass green”, “Sunnyside orange”, etc etc. And once again, the impulse to want it all: just one more ball of yarn in this color, and maybe also that soft one, and that other one for later, and maybe also the blue for when I finish the next three sweaters. In no time, I have six balls of yarn in my shopping cart. Plus the chunky red one. Plus the urge for more.
And then I see this photo (a sign?!) and I am reminded, oh right… this is the time for yoga :) Yep, right here in the middle of the “holiday impulse”. I can practice my yoga now.

I breathe and look at my shopping basket. I put each thing back on the shelf (ok, I did buy the vanilla candle). And I let go of the extra yarn, (and the compelling urge to finish 10 sweaters by Christmas time).

I walk to the cashier and BREATHE ever deeply, as I stand in line next to the thousand little “one dollar holiday impulse items.”
I am given the time in line to find a warm calm space inside, to be patient with my breath, to trust that I have enough, that I am complete.
I pay for my red bulky yarn and vanilla candle. And I walk out the store, feeling the calm and soothing holiday cheer.

Photo on 12-4-12 at 5.32 PM #5


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